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We service all types of transistor radios from the 50s to 80s. We will also buy & sell radios. 

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Top Rated Transistor Radio Repair

Initial radios were bulky and impossible to carry around. During World War II vacuum tubes that made up the initial radios were trying to be resized. During the same time after the war ended the transistor was developed at Bell Labs, in 1947. Transistors completely transformed the face of radio. Transistors were smaller, they needed less energy. They were replacing a whole range of devices that worked with vacuum tubes. Initially transistors were used for military purposes but in the spring of 1954 everything changed. In the Christmas of 1954 the first transistor radio was brought to the shelves. It cost $50. It immediately transformed radio technology and soon became popular as more transistor radios were made at cheaper rates. Transistors work with a straightforward technology. The sounds recorded through the microphone are converted into an electric signal which is picked up by transistors and amplified into the speakers.

Transistor Radio
Transistor Radio Repair

Transistor Radio Repair

We repair transistor radios that are not working. If you like to keep the set in its original state and just make sure it is in working condition, we can make it happen. We have all the necessary spare parts for transistor radios, no matter what makes and model it is. We have been repairing antique transistor radios for  years now and have been transistor radio enthusiasts forever. We are dedicated to providing you with a working transistor radio with authentic repair parts that last a long time when taken good care of.

Portable Radio Repair

If you have a portable radio that you would like to repair, bring it to us. Portable radios are usually fragile due to their age. You need someone who has the knowledge and the love for such items to work it. We have the needed instruments and the experience to repair all kinds of portable radios. We can fix any structural damage and/or sound issues. If you wish to restore the look of your portable radio with polish and paint, restoring the logos and original color, let us know. We can completely restore it in its original look.

Transistor Radio Repair
Vintage Radio Repair

Vintage Radio Repair

Vintage radios are an expensive collectible. You don’t want an untrained professional to handle a vintage radio. We are experts at repairing even the most unique vintage radio. We will ensure all the parts keep their original look. We are careful while repairing the radio. Even if we have to replace parts to make the radio work, we will give you the original parts back. If you can instruct us on what you expect out of the repair. We will take pictures and well document the original state so you want to be sure about all the alteration that has been made. You get signed documents from our company. We are a licensed vintage radio repair company and you can trust us to give you the best quality service.

Antique Radio Repair

With a focus on radios, we provide complete repair and restoration services for vintage and antique electrical equipment. 

 Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Antique Radio Repair

Why Hire Us

Nowadays with the advancement of technology transistor radios have become a collectable item. If you have a transistor radio at your home, you could preserve it. We are a team of transistor radio enthusiasts who are trained to repair these old relics. We have repaired almost all major brands of transistors, even some of the initial ones that came in the market. If you have a transistor that needs repair, don’t just take it to your local electronic repair shop, bring it to us.

 We Service All Varieties Of Radio At Henry’s Radio Repair

All brands accepted, any condition. We have completely rebuilt some of our radios from the ground up, we can also do cosmetic work.


  Some of the major brand’s serviced in our shop are-

         Zenith, Channel master, Philco, Phillips, sony, Truetone, global, sound design, nipco, admiral, Motorola, Regency, General Electric, Toshiba, sears/ silvertone,  and many more!! 

 Here is what we do not repair currently, but I can still refer you to people that can!

Tube Radios, hybrid (tube & transistor radios), Car radios, stereo equipment, and any micro transistor radios (shorter than 3 in.)


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